Everybody traveled to Maui, the last tour stop in the 2017 Championship season. Four ladies still had the chance to win the overall championship. Sally Fitzgibbons sat in a golden seat with one win and only top five positions during the whole season.


Courtney Conlogue, who won in Pro Bell’s Beach and Outerknown Fiji. Stephanie Gilmore who started the season with the win at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and last year winner Tyler Wright who won the gold at Oi Rio Women’s Pro early season.


What nobody could have imagined happened, Jeep Leader Sally Fitzgibbons was eliminated by wildcard rider Brisa Hennesy in the second round. The race was open for the three other ladies.

It was Brisa her first World Cup and already one to remember. Brisa ended as fifth, a girl to watch out for, in the next season.


Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) winner of the women's Maui Pro 2017 in Honolua Bay and Tyler Wright (AUS) new WSL World Champion   © WSL / DAMIEN POULLENOT


Courtney Conlogue had to beat Nikki Van Dijk in Round four. She knew, she had to push it hard to beat Nikki and show all her tricks with style. Sadly, for Courtney it was Nikki who won their heat with 0,64 points difference. (12.17-11.53) Courtney saw her chances in winning the Jeep Tour sinking in to the waves as Stephanie and Tyler were still in the race.


Tyler Wright only had to win her Quarter Final heat against Brisa Hennesy, could Brisa stunt again?

The waves were amazing and the ladies started slow not finishing their runs. Tyler was riding with a knee brace due an injury she got in Portugal. She took over the race with long runs, showing Brisa it what it is like to ride a quarter final. Tyler won this heat and with her win she became the overall winner of the Jeep Tour.


Tyler Wright  © WSL / KELLY CESTARI


There was still a contest going on and the ladies who came in to the half finals still want to win this great event with amazing waves. With Steph Gilmore and Tyler Wright straight against each other in the Semi Final everybody knew this will be the battle of the contest. Bothe ladies wanted to win this heat and for sure this contest. They showed the crowd a fantastic surf show which was won by Steph Gilmore by 15.87- 14.43.


Malia Manuel was waiting for Steph Gilmore in the final. Malia Manuel was injured four stops this season and with a third place at Cascais Women’s Pro as best finish she was ready take this win.

The final was again a great show for the crowd, the ladies didn’t give any presents away and stayed close during the whole race. Steph Gilmore won the race and won for the 4th time in her career the Maui Women’s Pro. It was an amazing and exciting season. Legend coming back winning and young riders knocking at the door. Next season will only become better when all the ladies grow to each others level.



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