The World Cup in Val di Sole, Italy was the last WC on the 2017 Tour. It was an exciting tour with four ladies winning the cups this year. With Myriam Nicole as leading lady overall it was Tahnee Seagrave who could pass her on the podium this last WC.


-Myriam Nicole-  © Dave Trumpore


These two ladies both won two World Cups and the last WC in Canada was won by an accelerating Tahnee. The course in Italy was fast with minor technical zones. With Myriam leading the day, Tahnee knew she couldn’t win the overall title but she wanted to show the world how fast she was and that she will be ready for the coming World Championships and next year World Cup tour. Tahnee was still in the flow, beating Myriam in every time-zone she won for the third time this season the gold medal.


-Tahnee Seagrave-


This season was an amazing season with some powerful riding. Myriam Nicole who showed the world she was still there with six podium places, two wins and the overall world tour winner of 2017. Tahnee Seagrave the “youngster” and second overall, who won 5 podium places and three World Cup victories showed she is ready to take over Downhill MTB


-Myriam Nicole, Tahnee Seagrave-


Tracey Hannah, third overall who won 5 podium places and one World Cup.Rachel Atherton who got injured and had to skip some races but came back in the top and will be ready for next season to take revenge for this season.


-Tracey Hannah- © Dave Trumpore


MTB Downhill grew this season to higher peaks, the level of riding and speed is amazing. Only one race to go, the World Championships in Cairns, Australia. Looking at the last races this might be another victory for Tahnee, who knows!


Congrats ladies!


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