Tahnée Seagrave started furious in her final run. Where in the Qualifications she was fourth in the corners, second at the technical parts and sixth at the speed sections, Tahnée showed she kept the fire for her last run.


-Tahnée Seagrave-  ©MTB-News.de


Emilie Siegenthaler was the current leader when Tahnée started her run. At the first-time section Tahnée was already 3,910 seconds faster than Emilie. Tahnée just pushed it further and at the second-time section she already had a lead of 7,743 seconds.


-Emilie Siegenthaler- ©Boris Beyer


Riding over the rocks like it was a straight, flat highway, the competition was waiting what time she would have in the third section, could she hold this speed? BAMM, 3.16.433 on the clock and 9.211 seconds faster than Emilie.


The technical part with the rocks between the trees was amazing to watch, she just threw herself down, breaks, we don’t know, it just looked like she was speeding up there. Looking at the fourth stage-time she did speed up as she took a lead with 10.355 seconds heading to the finish.


Finishing in 4.46.723 she took the lead and with a super-fast time!


-Tracey Hannah-  ©Dave Trumpore


Myriam Nicole, the lady who won the last two World Cups came close to her but still almost six seconds from Tahnée her time. She took the silver medal this weekend, followed by Tracey Hannah who just beat Emilie Siegenthaler with 0.073 seconds.


-Myriam Nicole- 


There was no stopping ‘Speedy-T’ this weekend in Mont Saint Anne in Canada!


-Tahnée Seagrave-  ©Moonhead Media


Behind the champagne showers, the smiles and the victory there was a week full of struggle, self doubt and i am not going to lie, a few tears.I'm my biggest critique and I'll beat myself up for not performing to my expectations. I overcame my self inflicted mind games, put in the work needed, and made it happen when it counted. Mega stoked on this one. 

-Tahnée Seagrave- 


©Moonhead Media


Final Result

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