Maya Gaberia (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) charges into the biggest wave ever ridden by a woman at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on January 18, 2018.

Video by Nuno Dias. The wave was measured at 68 feet on the face by the WSL Big Wave Awards judging panel has been given the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

title for the Largest Wave Ridden (unlimited) - Female.

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Everybody traveled to Maui, the last tour stop in the 2017 Championship season. Four ladies still had the chance to win the overall championship. Sally Fitzgibbons sat in a golden seat with one win and only top five positions during the whole season.


Courtney Conlogue, who won in Pro Bell’s Beach and Outerknown Fiji. Stephanie Gilmore who started the season with the win at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and last year winner Tyler Wright who won the gold at Oi Rio Women’s Pro early season.


                             Suzy, Dutch female graphic designer


                      Traveling around the world for her passion and

                          her desire to deliver unique art creations.


Day Two of the EDP Billabong Pro Cascais coincided with the kickoff of the Cascais Women's Pro today in Portugal. Glassy conditions once again turned to windswept, crunchy beach-break peaks, as windsurfers and kiteboarders whizzed past on the horizon outside the competition zone for the second day running. Big scores and Title pressure dominated at the women's CT, while a local hero and a fiesty teenager made headlines during the Men's QS10,000. Here's a taste of what went down on another busy day in Western Europe.


Brazil’s top surfer, Silvana Lima didn’t ride a final at the World Tour for seven years but she came to the Swatch Pro 2017 with a positive vibe and feeling. With 2 number 9 results as best result the first 6 Tour Stops, she said, that she was getting better and the perfect feeling in the water was coming back.