It is sad to see that what should have been a great video about a great athlete, X-Games used photos from at least one amazing skate lady in the world that we know.


In their segment about that "companies want to see girls look like girls" they are showing random photos stolen from the internet. If the company assumption is true or not we let that be for now.

What sad is, after this being said, they are showing a couple of photos of ladies skateboarding and posing. One of these ladies is Andrea Wilshusen from Spain. 


The Mystic Skate Cup 2018 was a blast again. Twenty-Nine ladies were at the start of this years World Cup. Mystic Cup is the contest you want to win, it's history, the place and the size of this event makes it so unique in the world.


Keet Oldenbeuving scored her 4th major win this season and we can say it is her year. Last weekend she also became second at the Graz skate cup. 

It was the battle of the lowlands in the final, between Keet Oldenbeuving (NL), Lore Bruggeman(BE) and Roos Zwetsloot also from the Netherlands.


The qualifying rules for the Olympic skateboard competitions are out.

What we can see is that they don't know yet which contests are the main contests to ride for your qualifying point.


A WC, EC or national titel counts as points for your ranking. Next to this they want to give some contests 5 stars where you must ride

to receive your ranking points.


Glad to see this so all ladies have to ride almost all contests and not only the ones where the biggest price money is to collect. This will help the sport

This year Far’n High welcomed 26 ladies at the 2018 contest. This shows again how big women skateboarding is becoming. Last years winner Candy Jacobs not presented to defend her title and by our knowing no former winner of Far’n High we knew for sure we would have a new winner of this major event.


It was great to see Belgium riders Aura Bredart and Evelien Bouillart back in competition after missing last year season.


The lady from the Bronx took 1st place at the SLS Streetleague 2018.


It is good to see that SLS is seeing that there are more great female skaters around th world than only in North and South America.


With top skaters from almost every continent this contest was 100% an international happening.  Last season we saw the group of ladies already growing at the major World Cups and this season we also see the group of ladies on the highest level growing fast.


Spring is here, well on the north side of our blue planet. The coming months the World Cup contests and other big Skate events will be on the agenda.


With the Olympics in our mind as an extra contest, the World Cups will be very important and essential for the coming seasons. The athletes need to gain points and be with the best of their continent to compete at the Olympics.