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The ‘Open Class’ race at Mt. Jefferson in North Carolina is a race where both women and men compete against each other (mixed). We see for many years that women go fast and go as fast as men on longboards and it was a matter of time one lady stood up and beat everybody.


-Ross Earhart-


By now most of you probably already know about the tragedy that has struck us here at VLT in the Philippines. On 2 April 2017, two innocent women, Nikki Piñero, 21, and Lorraine Ramirez, 17, were senselessly murdered, leaving behind grieving family members and friends. The local community of downhill skateboarders and ultimate frisbee players are devastated, left wondering how they can help those are who affected by the unexpected death of their loved ones.


In 2010 a group of ladies started the Long Board Girls Crew in Madrid with the main idea

to get girls become active in sports. With video and photo shoots and posting them on their

social media the ladies inspired many girls around the world to start skating.


They asked everybody to send their own content to them so they could share it with the rest

of the world. As the followers on Facebook were growing and some girls were sending a lot

of content to the LGC they decided to name some girls ambassadors for the LGC in their own

Photo by Mstr Pan


After working for many years in the Action Sports Industry, changing the way women are portrayed in longboarding worldwide, getting hundred of thousand of people into the sport, and changing the general and cultural perception that these are “men sports”, we decided to step-up our game and are thrilled to announce our next endeavor.