By Margaux Gazel


“On our never-ending quest to connect with paradise, we stopped off in the British Virgin Islands, a cluster of stunning palm-covered rocks peeking through the clearest blue water of the Caribbean Sea. From hidden coves to sandy beaches, we roamed the hills of the sleepy island chain to find some of the prettiest places we’d ever seen.” – Body Glove



Brazilian kiteboarder Bruna Kajiya, wins the first stop of the 'World Kiteboarding League', the 'Mondial Du Vent' in France. 


Bruna Kajiya & Annabel Westerop



Annelous Lammerst won the Solaire Blue Open 2017, congratulations to this lady.

We asked her a few questions.

What kind of contest/event is the Solaire Blue Open?


Pamoja is the Swahili word for 'together' and this video is about girls riding together, encouraging and supporting each other and progressing at the beginning of 2016 in Zanzibar.


Sistas: Sofi Chevalier, Colleen Carroll, Issy von Zastrow, Izabela Matykiewicz, Triina Trei