Never were the Dutch ladies so dominant as this World Championship edition in Baku. In the Women JR final it was Indy Scheepers who became JR World Champion.


At the Elite final it was TOP favorite Laura Smulders who crowned herself as the new World Champion. This was not all, the whole podium was colored orange. Laura’s sister Merel Smulders won the silver medal and from out of no where it was Judy Baauw who came in third.


Unlabelled Media in collaboration with Roll'School presents you the Women's BMX Finals at the FISE of Montpellier 2018.


This competition brought to France iconic riders such as Elizaveta Posadskikh, Katherine Diaz, Lotta Gruber, Ellie Chew, Nina Buitrago, Teresa Fernandez,

Hannah Roberts, Angie Marino, Lara Lessmann, Minato Oike & Nikita Ducarroz.


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The 4th and last FISE stop this year brought us to Chengdu in China. Chengdu is centered in the south center of China and looking on the map, the last big city of China before the “Wild West” of China begins.


The organization built yet another great park for the Freestyle BMX riders with and extra feature, the half cylinder.


Twelve of the best BMX freestyle ladies in the world from nine different countries tells us that the BMX sport is growing worldwide.



The FISE BMX Freestyle contest in Hungary was a World Cup event for the riders. Final day on Saturday was a sunny but windy day. The ladies had to watch out with air tricks as the light bikes get blown away easy. It was the first time they had a live stream with the ladies event.



I arrived with a goal to have fun and have an awesome time

-Lara Lessmann-


Photo: Girlifornia


Last year we were at the first Pro Freestyle event of the year in Heerlen, the Netherlands. We came to shoot the skateboard ladies and to have a great time. Pro Freestyle is an event in the Netherlands where they have park/street BMX, Skateboard, MTB, inline and scooter contests.


At the BMX contests, we saw the top male riders in the world and we discovered one girl flying high over the huge kickers. We made some photos of this cool girl and stayed in contact with her.