Brazil’s top surfer, Silvana Lima didn’t ride a final at the World Tour for seven years but she came to the Swatch Pro 2017 with a positive vibe and feeling. With 2 number 9 results as best result the first 6 Tour Stops, she said, that she was getting better and the perfect feeling in the water was coming back.


Ranked 15th at the World Tour she first had to deal with #4 Stephanie Gilmore and #9 Carissa Moore. At the start of the heat, Silvana was following the other two ladies on the third place. During the race Silvana picked some great waves where she showed some power stylish surfing. taking over the 1st spot in the middle of the race. Kicking it up a nudge, Silvana kicked her tail in revers and turned her board 360 degrees. The crowd applauded and cheered loud for this trick. She didn’t give her position away anymore and with a 14.30 score she went to the next round, followed by Carissa Moore with 13.87 points and Stephanie Gilmore with 11.97 points


In round three, Silvana met Stephanie Gilmore again and world ranked #5 Johanne Defay from France. While having the second sport, Silvana showed some progressive riding. With a prefect speed, she turned a float jumping down the wave, landing it so smoothly she took her speed straight in to the wave. Kicking her tail and vins free, smooth turns, Silvana was kicking it hard! Going to the next round with an 18.10 score, it was again Stephanie Gilmore she had to beat in the coming Quarter final.


Straight from the head, Silvana took the lead. With her chill flow in the waves she pushed the envelope with more floaters, airs and spins in every run. Stephanie Gilmore came closer during the race with powerful turns but Silvana won for the 3rd time this contest from Stephanie.


In the Half Final, Lakey Peterson was waiting for Silvana. Silvana showed again a good variation of tricks with her board surfing trough the water as a knife does in butter. Lakey came close but both waves were for Silvana.


-Silvana Lima & Keely Andrew-


The Final was against youngster and upcoming talent Keely Andrew from Australia. Keely surfed an amazing contest, beating Pauline Ado, Sage Erickson and Courtney Conlogue. Both riders showed some progressive and stylish riding during their races, so everybody was ready for an exciting final. Coming in to a final is one, riding a final is a different ball game. Silvana Lima took control of the final and pressed all her tricks out. Keely had the flow but she couldn’t grow to the level she had against Sage Erickson. Silvana won every round this contest and that was a first for a lady this season. Result 17.60 – 10.93

Silvana is back and we can’t wait to see if she can continue this great form she is in!


Congrats Ladies!


World Ranking



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