Shame on you X-Games!

It is sad to see that what should have been a great video about a great athlete, X-Games used photos from at least one amazing skate lady in the world that we know.


In their segment about that "companies want to see girls look like girls" they are showing random photos stolen from the internet. If the company assumption is true or not we let that be for now.

What sad is, after this being said, they are showing a couple of photos of ladies skateboarding and posing. One of these ladies is Andrea Wilshusen from Spain. 


We know Andrea as an amazing person, who is natural and with a big heart for young skaters and the less fortunate children. 


Video Still


Is it allowed that you can get photos from the internet with girls who are just living their life or doing their job and shame them on internet for the benefit of your own?

This video could have been a helping hand for young women to be strong and be proud of themself, in this little segment you are only making girls more insecure about their own looks.


This segment is judgmental and you are shaming the girls in the photos, it doesn't belong in this video where you have an athlete fighting for women rights and

saying that skateboarding is for everybody. It is just so wrong to use ladies who can't defend themself from some companies or filmmakers opinion.


Please cut out the photos and apologize to the women!


Maybe you should make a docu about Andrea her life, showing the world all the good she is doing for young children with skateboarding!


Andrea Wilshusen on her own Facebook 

@xgames and @laceybaker @tonyhawk say in their video account that i'm a POSER, using my face and judgging me without knowing me. It hurts a lot when your idols and refference talk about you like a shit and like what you shouldnt be when they dont know anything about you. It hurts a lot, i don't care what peopple thinks about me and muy life but you have the power of massa for ruin a life. You take a random picture of a girl pushing a skate ant judge her like she is poser, she is a shit of person.

You have the power of mass media, talk about the image of skateboarding in moda as a part of merchandaising and how the big brands use the woman for make money, dont judge a simple girl that do what they want without know their life, this is sexism. Judge boys too in pasarela with ( plastic) skates or the brands that use girl asses in surfing companies to sell bikinis.
I skate since always, i broke a bunch of bones, i have scarfs around muy bodie, skate is a part of me and my history, it makes me how i am right now.

For one time in muy life I have to demostrate that im not what others says aobout me.

Im very happy with muy life, i know im not a POSER, and when i see a girl doing what posers mean, i try to teach her skate and pass her the values and the feeling amd the power girls to girls. i have my studies, muy amazing work as Skate teacher with desabled kids, and with social tool in my hood, i use to travel to empower other women and girls around the world with my own money. because i feel and i know Skateboarding it can save your life, it gives to you a reason to wake up, just pushing and feel the fresh air inyour face. Or makes a different way of see the world architecture and state and opression system, broke role models of patriarcy and keeps your selfsteem alive when you fall down and you still try and try. It makes friendship around the planet without genders and societyclasses and fights racism and homophobia.

You absolutley broke me down, i always admire you in 90' when the internet almost didnt exist and it was so hard to see girls from other part of the world to take a reference. I hope you can remove my face from this video.



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