Sunday the 6th August 2017, a new champion was born. Sage Erickson a girl from the valley in Ojai (CA), won the first World Tour contest in her career.


-Sage Erickson- ©Steve Sherman for WSL


After beating Charissa Moore in round four, Sage had to beat, Jeep Leader board #2, Sally Fitzgibbons in the Quarter Finals. Both ladies riding smooth and winning their points going head to head. It was a close call at the end with a 10.74 over 9.10 points victory for Sage.


-Sally Fitzgibbons-  ©Sean Rowland


Courtney Conlogue, the only lady who won two stops this season, was waiting for Sage in the Semi Finals. Courtney had a great start with some big pointers in great waves leaving Sage behind, seven points lead. Sage had a great come back, scoring 7.50 points on a long wave where she stomped 5 tricks, giving her the lead with 0.94 points. Both ladies pumped up their score as this heat had some great waves where the ladies could show the crowd some great surfing. When they heard the sound of the horn it was Sage who won this Semi Final with a 13.33 – 11.46 result.


-Courtney Conlogue- ©Kenneth Morris


Last year’s winner, Tatiana Weston-Webb who was second at the last stop at Fiji was the opponent of Sage in the Final. Beating Johanne Defay in the Quarter and Coco Ho in the Semi-Finals, Tatiana was ready to take on Sage. Tatiana took the lead in the first run but Sage stayed close. Where Tatiana was hitting the waves, Sage was picky and waiting for those perfect waves to ride.


-Sage Erickson-  ©Kenneth Morris                                           -Tatiana Weston-Webb-  ©Kenneth Morris


Tatiana keeping the lead during the heat with Sage close behind her, with only three minutes on the clock the girls were pushing it, hearing the crowd (60.000) cheering louder each run they surfed. The last minute started and Sage dropping in such a beautiful wave, three backsides swoops with high sprays, finishing with a frontside. This was the run Sage was waiting for in this final, the jury awarded her with 6.67 points and she came at the winning total of 11.84 against 9.80 for silver winner Tatiana Weston-Webb.


-Sage Erickson- ©Steve Sherman


Sage got a huge hug from Tatiana, both ladies smiling, what a weekend this was for both and what a beautiful first win for Sage Erickson.


©Kenneth Morris


Congrats ladies!


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