Oi STU OPEN is the main Street Skate championship in Brazil and it goes way beyond the sport. It celebrates the essence of urban movement and it's spontaneous manifests, such as music, art and the audiovisual.


Photo: Candy Jacobs


The Contest is homologated by the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF), World Cup Skateboarding (WCS), Brazilian Skate Confederation (CBSk) and by the State of Rio de Janeiro Skateboard Federation (FASERJ).


-Julia Brückler-


Thirty-two ladies at the start of this great and first street event on the tour. International stars, Alexis Sablone (USA), Candy Jacobs (NL), Charlotte Hym (FRA), Mariah Duran (USA), Julia Brückler (AUT), Evelien Bouilliart (BE) and

Helen Gerard (FRA) flew in to compete and show their old and new tricks to the crowd.


-Pamela Rosa-


Looking at the rest of the list of riders you can see that skateboarding is popular among girls in Brazil. The talent seems unstoppable in this country with Pamela Rosa and Gabriela Mazetto as leading girls in this contest.


Saturday the best 8 girls of the day qualified for the final on Sunday. Pamela Rosa made it as first to the final with Mariah Duran as 2nd and Gabi Mazetto 3rd followed by Julia Brückler, Candy Jacobs, Victoria da Silva, Charlotte Hym and Helene Gerard.                 



Sunday ‘Finale Day’, the crowd surrounded the Amphi-skate-theatre in Rio to see the eight finalists. With a beautiful Rio sun the girls showed again why they are the top of the world.


Pamela Rosa took the gold, Gaby Mazetto took silver and Julia Brückler took the bronze.



Congrats to all you ladies!


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