-Lyde Begue-  ©Alban Pernet  (archive Photo)


Verdicchio Race 2017 was held from 26 - 29 July in the small Italian village, Poggiocupro. It is part of the World Qualifying Series IDF and Italian Championship Downhill Skateboarding FISR: the best athletes Downhill Skateboard and Street league all over the world, met together again this year to compete on the most technical race track in Italy.


The sun was shining bright over the Italian mountains making it a prefect day for this exciting and fun track down hill. We had a close race in the final with strong riders as the number two and three from the last race at Kozakov, Melissa Brogni and Cassandra Duchesne, “dark horse” Giulia Bottazin from Italy who has her first final this season and the number two from King’s Gate, Lyde Begue.


-Melissa Brogni-


It was Lyde Begue from France who won this exciting race and her first victory of the season. Melissa Brogni who is riding a great season came in second followed by Cassandra Duchesne and Giulia Bottazzin.


Congrats ladies!

Full Results:


  1. Lyde Begue
  2. Melissa Brogni
  3. Cassandra Duchesne
  4. Giulia Bottazzin
  5. Sabrina Ambrosi
  6. Anna Pixner
  7. Jennifer Schauerte
  8. Julia Barklow
  9. Lisa Peters
  10. Jasmijn Hanegraef
  11. Rachel Bruskoff
  12. Candy Dungan
  13. Luana Chaves
  14. Myrjam Weißschuh

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