This year Far’n High welcomed 26 ladies at the 2018 contest. This shows again how big women skateboarding is becoming. Last years winner Candy Jacobs not presented to defend her title and by our knowing no former winner of Far’n High we knew for sure we would have a new winner of this major event.


It was great to see Belgium riders Aura Bredart and Evelien Bouillart back in competition after missing last year season.


Keet Oldenbeuving   © Mathijs Tromp / Flatspot Magazine   


Ten ladies made it to the final and Mariah Duran from the USA on top seat followed by one of our ‘to follow this year’ talents Keet Oldenbeuving from the Netherlands.

All ten ladies got two runs in the final and the best run counted. Everybody started their first run ok but ending with some errors and slams.

The second run went pretty good for Keet Oldenbeuving as she rode a perfect run without any errors.


After Keet there was only one lady left and that was Mariah Duran, Mariah had to skate a clean run too to make any change on the championship but as many others she couldn’t do what Keet did that afternoon at Far’n High.

With no doubt Keet Oldenbeuving won her first major World Cup and Historical event. Second was Lore Bruggeman from Belgium and 3rd place for Mariah Duran.


Keet Oldenbeuving Mariah Duran Lorre Bruggeman  © Gustavo MM


Congrats ladies!





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