The Arag-Big Air in Mönchen Gladbach went in to it’s second year. Last year was a great success with the freestyle skiers on Friday and the Snowboarders on Saturday and around 19.000 visitors during the weekend.


On Friday the Freestyle skiers had the Big Air for themselves. Because of injuries and other obligations, we only saw six ladies at the top of the ramp. Last year winner, Italian rider Silvia Bertagna just returning from injuries came to Germany to defend her title.


Silvia Bertagna  © Marcel den Ouden 


When Big Air will be Olympic as well we believe they will have the same large group of riders as the snowboarders as federations will invest in traveling costs for these amazing riders.


With the girls going straight ahead to the final, we saw the ladies building up their race. Looking what the others were doing and stomping it harder in their next run. The ladies showed the crowd what a spectacular sport this is.


Sarah Hoefflin  © Marcel den Ouden


The crowd was amazing even Rookie Aliah Delia Eichinger from Germany got the crowd behind her even her jumps were not yet as spectacular as the Pro riders but she was so stoked she got to be there.


Aliah Delia Eichinger  © Marcel den Ouden


As there is always one winner, it was Giullia Tanno from Switzerland who won the gold last weekend in Germany. Followed by team rider Sarah Hoefllin and third place for Dominique Ohaco.


Giulia Tanno  © Marcel den Ouden



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