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© Cestari   "It's insane out there. I love this place." – Courtney Conlogue


Last Sunday (04/06/2017) the Californian Courtney Conlogue won for the second time of the season during World Surf League dream tour, claiming the 5th stop title of the WSL in the Outerknown Fiji Women’s Pro against the Hawaiian Tatianna Weston-Webb. The event this time sponsored by Outerknown, the eco-conscious fashion brand of the legend Kelly Slater.


Following her route, Courtney winning heat after heat. During the quarter finals, Courtney won against the previous Fiji women’s champion, the French Johana Defay, taking her to the semi-finals and getting the lead over former leader leader Tyler Wright during an epic battle where she seized the opportunity to collect more points on the Jeep leader board.


"I'm just happy I got through," Courtney said, on her road to the final.



Courtney Conlogue   © Billabong 


The final at Cloudbreak in Fiji took place in very big and gritty surf conditions. Thanks to the support of Jessi [Miley-Dyer] who is on the forefront of women’s surf rights, the women’s final heat took place just before the first men round, in the middle of very heavy surf conditions which is rare as they normally prioritize those conditions for the men’s heats. On record though, the final hasn’t been very spectacular; the highest waves scored did not exceed the 4.67/10, nonetheless this has been a breakthrough point in the ever-growing level in women’s surfing, showing that also the women will charge, and take on any size they get presented.


“This event has always had a really special spot in my heart,” Conlogue said. “There’s been so many amazing winners and this is one of the best left-hand reef breaks in the world. I’m really stoked the WSL did what they did and thank you Jessi [Miley-Dyer] for really supporting the women. We’re pushing the change and being strong for all the women out there and going for it. Conditions were definitely tricky, but we were stoked to get into a couple.” Courtney Conlogue


Courtney Colongue © Billabong


 “Two wins is a great way to turn things around,” Courtney continued. “I have a great support team around me and I’m learning a lot. This win means so much to me and I’m so fired up. So many amazing surfers have won here so I’m really honoured to be taking this trophy home.”


"It wasn't totally what I was looking for but I am stoked to surf these waves," Courtney said.


Courtney  © Billabong


"Tatiana is been putting on such an impressive performance this whole event and did a really excellent job," Courntey said.


Tatiana Weston-Webb © Cestari


“It was definitely really challenging and I really wanted to put on a show for everyone,” said Tatiana. “I really wanted to get barrelled out there because I knew that’s what they were going to score, but unfortunately I just couldn’t make it out of a few. I really wanted to push it and show everyone that anything is possible. Courtney relied on turns and was smart. She’s pushing all the women harder than ever with her surfing.” – Tatiana Weston-Webb


© Cestari


Jeep Leader Board WSL


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