By Yasemin Tanriverdi


Last March the ninth edition of Boardstock took place at Bli Bli Wake Park located in the Sunshine Coast of Australia. It’s an international competition with 3 different contests sponsored by Liquid Force. One of the comps is the ‘Bi Level’ competition, a system 2.0 contest containing features. The ‘King of Kicker’ contest, to challenge each rider to throw down his/her best kicker trick and a ‘Rail Jam’, which is a feature only comp that focused on diversity and composition for extra credit. Bli Bli states: “This year saw the strongest Ladies contingent ever at Boardstock and they supplied a great contest across all 3 events with a different winner in each section. Jamie Lopina was first in the Rail Jam, Angie Scriber was number 1 in King of Kicker whilst Courtney Angus in her return to competition was first in the Bi Level”.


This time, we interviewed the King, or should we say: ‘Queen of Kicker’ Ange Schriber. This positive lady is one of the most active, mindful, inspiring and women supportive wakeboarders of all time and we are very pleased to feature her story in our magazine.


Photo: skyewakeboards


Could you tell us something more about the competition? Did it go as expected? Did you experience strong contestants?

I had such a fantastic time this year at Boardstock. I went into the event with my own goals of what I wanted to achieve and made sure I used my strengths on what I am good at. My goal was to go big and just be confident in what I can do, which definitely helped me. I channeled my nervousness onto my wakeboard and just used this to give me the fire to ride and do what I can do. From then on I told myself whatever happens, happens. I just need to be happy with how I rode and learn from my mistakes in the areas I can improve on. It was a great contest in terms of the girls that participated. Jamie Lopina from the states came out to Oz to compete which was fantastic to have some USA riders attend the contest. I have to say there was a lot of new faces and quite a bit of kids who competed in the event. It’s fantastic to see our sport growing.  


What is your home cable? 

My home cable is a tricky answer because in the 7 years of being on tour I traveled to a lot of wake parks. One park that I always travelled back and forth to and made it my home base for 5 years was Thai Wake Park. I call it my home and a place I love to ride and travel to. However, now with me being based in the Gold Coast, GC wake park just opened up here, which is awesome. I hopefully will have the opportunity where I can make GC Wake park my home cable. To have a park near my home is exciting and the possibility to ride every week is great. I would also have to say Bli Bli Wake park is a park that I travel to and consider as my home spot I like to ride at and a park I really enjoy.


Photo: arlingtonlanephotography

Could you gives us an insight in your daily life? Do you do anything next to Wakeboarding? 

I am very active everyday. I ride my bike to and from work, run in the mornings, do strength exercises and go to a shiatsu once every 2 weeks. Besides this from time to time I do some yoga which helps me with stretching. I enjoy surfing when the waves are good. This is one of the activities I love to do when I’m not riding. It keeps me super strong and I love being in the water. When I’m not on my wakeboard I am working on ways in which I can gain more opportunities to further my career and plan my schedule around my Job here at home. I am super busy and never stop. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continue to pursue my passion in wakeboarding is very important to me.  

Any upcoming events/competitions planned?

It’s going to be a big year for me and I hope all my plans fit into place. I am currently mapping my plans on a calendar to ensure it all fits into place around work and I can do as much as possible. I will no doubt be in Europe, America and will take a trip to Thailand before the end of the year. For now, I am confirmed to attend Plastic Playgrounds event this year and will have my full schedule all set into place in the next few weeks. Keep up to date with my plans on Angelika Schriber on all Social Media Platforms : Instagram #wakewithange , Facebook , YouTube and my Website @angelikaschriber when I have my full schedule in place . 



Photo: involveimagery


Do you have any advices for other women that wakeboard? 

If you see me around, come have a chat, follow my adventures as I would love to coach young up and coming girls and ladies who want to ride in the near future. My passion is to grow the sport and be a positive influence. I have come a long way and it hasn’t been easy. Persistence and positive energy is what will drive you. I would like to give back to those on the things I have learnt and the things I have gone through. What I can say is we need to band together, ride girls products, support female wakeboarding and get involved as much as possible and grow the female side. If you have never tried wakeboarding- give it a go and come and join me when I have some clinics. I’m always here to help. Follow my videos and what I am up to on all my social media platforms. 

Any shoutouts to people, coaches or sponsors?

 Thanks to my family, my partner Matty Hasler for being there for me, my fans who support me and especially to my current sponsors who are behind me to continue to do what I love; Liquid Force, Follow wake, Breathe Boardwear, Protect, Fireball, Rixen, Thai Wake park, Blemboard, Edgetvnetwork. 

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