Suzuki Nine Royals 2017


Queens Ski

Due to injuries after a long competition season, only three skiers participated in the women’s ski category. French Queens veteran Coline Ballet-Baz earned the top spot with a left cork 900 tail grab, a right cork 720 safety grab, and a left 360 safety grab.

Meanwhile, “Become a Royal” video contest winner Zuzana Stromkova (SVK) took second place with a left flatspin 1080 safety graband a left flatspin 720 safety grab. Katie Summerhayes rounded off the podium.



Photo: David Malacrida


“It’s awesome to win, especially since I love this event!” said an overjoyed Coline, “It was a crazy week with some tricky conditions and a lot of girls crashing. It was sick to see the boys riding too. They’re always pushing themselves and trying hard, so it’s really motivating. I even tried a cork 10 earlier in the week and though I didn’t land it, I’ll definitely be trying it again it next year.”


Queens Snowboard

Unfortunately, various injuries among the female snowboarders limited the number of participants for the Contest Day down to Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson (USA).

Though she rode alone in her category, Jamie was undeterred and sent multiple big tricks such as a stylish Cab 720 tailgrab, massive cab 540s and a front 360 melon.


Photo: Klaus Polzer


Jamie was very happy with her experience, “We had incredible weather, a crazy awesome feature and a lot of riding. Holy Nine Royals what a fun session.”


Source: Suzuki Nine Royals

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