The last World Cup this season on European soil was held in Vigo, Spain.



From 2001 to the present-day O Marisquiño has been the most important urban sports event in southern Europe, a great festival that brings together more than ten sports competitions as well as diverse cultural events over the three days. O Marisquiño organizes three world cups: World Cup Skateboarding Street, World Cup Skateboarding Miniramp and Dirt FMB World Tour, all of them counting towards the world rankings and featuring the best national and international riders.


The festival takes place outdoors, from 11-13th August, and is completely free. Every year more than 120,000 people come to the seaport of Vigo to enjoy the competitions, concerts, gastronomy and unique atmosphere at the event.


-Julia Brückler- 


The dominating ladies at this year’s WC tour were present, Julia Brückler from Austria and Candy Jacobs from the Netherlands. These two ladies we complimented by top riders as Keet Oldenbeuving (NL), Charlotte Hyme and Helen Gerard from France and Andrea Benitez from Spain. All these ladies were all on several World Cups this season.


-Andrea Benitez-  © Raisa Abal


With fifteen ladies at the start it showed again how skateboarding grew this year and that girls are finding their way to the big contests.

Marisquino has a different format than other contests at the tour. First there was an introduction ride from the ladies and then they had to do 10 best tricks. The best five tricks were counted in their total score.


-Candy Jacobs- 


Semi-Finals on Saturday gave us six finalist who had to compete for the victory on Sunday.

Candy Jacobs, Julia Brückler, Keet Oldenbeuving, Charlotte Hym, Andrea Benitez and Helen Gerard.



These ladies were all season on the tour, these ladies gave color to the whole season. In the sunny weather of Vigo, they gave the public the show where they were coming for.

Candy Jacobs winning the gold and her 4th big event victory. Julia Brückler took the silver medal and Keet took her third bronze medal this World Cup tour.


-Charlotte Hym-


Congrats Ladies!



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