The snowboard ladies were ready to hit that Big Air in Gladbach the day after the ski ladies. As Big Air snowboarding is Olympic, we saw a large group of ladies coming down that ramp. The day started with a lot of fog and at 14.00 the fog was still not gone.


Anna Gasser last years winner had to pass this contest due an injury on her ankle. Cheryl Maas was stayed in bed for two days as she got the flu but on contest day she did a calm warm up and went for it.


Cheryl Maas  © Marcel den Ouden


The best six ladies would proceed to the final later that evening and the race open for a new winner this year. Christie Prior was showing all weekend, with some stylish rotations, she was back and ready to rock.


The riders got two tries and the best jump counted. Even sick with the flu, Cheryl Maas still showed her stylish rotations. In her first run she sadly missed her grab but in her second run she managed to land a 76 points score. This score was good enough for the 8th position this contest.


Sarka Pancochova  © Marcel den Ouden


Sarka Pancochova really pushed herself in to the finals with her second run and it would be her first final this season.


Carla Somaini  © Marcel den Ouden


During the final, it was Miyabi who took the lead after the first two runs. Christie was happy with her, then second position, she took it easy in her last jump. We all were waiting for the last jump of Carla Somaini from the Swiss, would she take the Gladbach gold? When the result came up, first she thought she didn’t make it but with a total score of 175 point she beat Miyabi with 2.5 points.


© Oliver Kraus


Women's podium with 2nd Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN), 1st Carla Somaini (SUI) and 3rd Christy Prior (NZL)


Congrats ladies!


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