Sunday, 10 September 2017, it was the final day of the MTB Downhill season. The World Championships in Cairns Australia, hometown of Tracey Hannah (one of the favorites), began.


The 1.9 kilometer run through the rainforest of Smithfield Park was extremely dry and dusty. Many mechanical problems during the training and races and some crashes made it a hard contest.


Sadly, during training, reigning World Champion, Rachel Atherton broke her collarbone and could not defend her title. We wish Rachel a quick recovery!


-Thanée Seagrave-  © Milfry


Tahnée Seagrave, London’s fastest and one of the big favorites for the title was the fastest in the first section, going fast as she did the last World Cups. Sadly, for her she crashed in the lower section and lost her sight on the title.


-Tracey Hannah-  © Callum Wood


Tracey Hannah, the fast lady from Australia and riding in her home town gave it all, she wanted that title so much. As Tahnée she crashed but got back on her bike finishing in the third time.


-Myriam Nicole-  © Keno Photography


World Tour 2017 winner, Myriam Nicole rode a solid fast race, she came to win the double in Australia. With all the power she gave, Myriam came in second with a difference of 0,097 seconds of the surprising winner of the day.


So, who was it that beat the fastest women of the season?


-Miranda Miller-  © Michal Cerveny


Canadian Champion, Miranda Miller was the fastest lady of the day. It was her day, her race and she went down fast without making any mistakes. Beating all the ladies on this difficult and fast course and being crowned World Champion is something to be proud of.


"It's pretty crazy," admitted Miller. "I don't think it has sunk in yet. I feel like I had some luck on my side, but I'll take it. It's pretty cool. I'm sure in a couple days it will feel a bit different. I thought Tahnée (Seagrave) was going to knock me out. But I had some luck on my side for sure. When Myriam (Nicole) came down I thought 'Oh, this is real'. For Canada, we haven't had a [downhill] medal since Stevie [Smith, 2013] and Claire [Buchar, 2011], so it is cool. We got a medal in the Junior XC as well, so it's great for Canada."



Congrats ladies and thank you for this amazing season!


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